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Automatic Payroll Deduction - 10/12/2017

Worksite Marketing Manager™ is a step-by-step business plan that gives you everything you need to effectively sell personal lines.. Learn more...

Provide Personal Lines - 11/14/2017

You become the employees' preferred source for all their personal insurance needs and your agency sees a huge boost in revenue. Learn more...

Growth Potential - 12/1/2017

Worksite Marketing Manager™ can be tailored to be a major growth asset for any Independent Insurance Agency. Learn more...


Time for Production - 12/5/2017

· Growth/Production opportunity
· Major revenue opportunity
· Recover lost revenue from commercial lines soft market
· Examine opportunities for 2017…is there anything more substantial out there?
· Payroll companies are willing strategic partners

As you and your Agency develop your 2017 budget, are you directing resources at growing your customer base, your P&C revenue, and -most important-your commission revenues? As business people, we all look to the coming year and plan to take advantage of opportunities that exist for our businesses.

Consider this…multiply your agency’s average Personal Lines account commission by the number of employees working within your agency’s commercial accounts. What kind of numbers do you come up with?

Independent Agent - 11/20/2017

Asa Pike sees the future for independent agents and it spells personal lines. The independent agent and worksite marketing strategist says he has the solution to capturing this market. The key is worksite marketing of personal lines with a twist-multiple carrier choice.

In the past, most worksite marketing programs by agents involved a single insurer looking to increase its personal lines market share and not the full spectrum of carriers represented. Given the different personal lines-homeowners, automobile, disability and life insurance-and a mass of employees wanting different levels of coverage, a multiple carrier solution was elusive. No longer.

"Agents will win the personal lines market if they can get in front of prospects armed with an array of competing insurance solutions-the carrier choice that independent agents are prized for,"
Pike says. 


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